Complex Congratulations
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Episode Information
Kanji コンプレックスこんぐらっちゅれーしょん
Rōmaji Konpurekkusu Kongurachurēshon
Release Date December 5, 2018
Music Guide
Opening Theme Kimi no Sei
Ending Theme Fukashigi no Karte
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Complex Congratulations (コンプレックスこんぐらっちゅれーしょん , Konpurekkusu Kongurachurēshon) is the tenth episode of the Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai anime adaptation.


Unhappy with her performance on the commercial shoot as actress Mai Sakurajima, Nodoka is increasingly harboring a sense of inferiority. The half-sisters are still stuck in their switched bodies, and Mai must now perform in a live concert as Nodoka for the idol group “Sweet Palette.” After receiving tickets to the concert, Sakuta and Nodoka decide to attend the show, but...[1]


On the same night, Sakuta returns home from checking with Nodoka. After, he sees his sister Kaede with a school uniform on. The next day, Sakuta visits Nodoka finishing her photoshoot at the train station. After talking to Nodoka, Sakuta makes her confess her feelings about how she currently feels about her sister Mai. As they are talking, Mai calls Sakuta to let him know that Sakuta's dad has been wanting to talk to him. With this in mind, Sakuta's family background is revealed. When Kaede had the effects of puberty syndrome appear within herself, her mother was hospitalized from shock and kaede's father had to look after her mom. After, Sakuta and Nodoka faces Nodoka's mother, who is urgently looking for her. The next day, Sakuta finally talks with his father. While things have been hard for Sakuta to manage his life without the help of his parents, Sakuta has a pleasant conversation with his dad. He asks his father hows it like being a parent, then receives an uncertain answer of "figure it out yourself". After, Sakuta and Nodoka visit Mai's dance gig. At there, Nodoka performs an excellent show, taking over the main singer and sings herself for impromptu. Nodoka is then featured as the next member of the single. In the end, Nodoka in Mai's body cries after witnessing all the things her sister could do. Seeing her mother congragulate her sister, Nodoka fell into tears. She then asks Sakuta to visit the ocean, and attempts to drift into the ocean. Sakuta, realizing what will happen, stops Nodoka and confronts about Mai's care about her. He tells her that Mai will indeed grief her loss, but Nodka still stands unconvinced. To show the true evidence of his claim, Sakuta takes Nodoka back to her house to show all the letters she had written to Mai. It is at this moment in which Mai talks to Nodoka. After, their bodys swap back.






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