The Kaede Quest
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Episode Information
Kanji かえでクエスト
Rōmaji Kaede Kuesuto
Release Date December 12, 2018
Director Kazuki Horiguchi
Music Guide
Opening Theme Kimi no Sei
Ending Theme Fukashigi no Karte
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The Kaede Quest (かえでクエスト, Kaede Kuesuto) is the eleventh episode of the Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai anime adaptation.


With Nodoka's puberty syndrome resolved, Sakuta is excited to finally be able to spend time with Mai as a couple. Just when all seemed hopeful for Sakuta, a scandal breaks out regarding Mai Sakurajima having a boyfriend. As Mai provides a sincere explanation at a press conference for her movie, Kaede realizes that she also wants to be strong for Sakuta and decides to set several goals for herself this year. Among those goals is going back to school...[1]


The episode starts with Mai in a press conference. In the TV, Mai finally reveals her relationship to the press. Smoothly, her directors and managers approve her relationship during the interview. After a pleasant walk with Mai, Sakuta finds a letter from Shoko. At school, Sakuta talks to his personal therapist/scientist friend Rio. He tells her about Mai's reaction to the meeting, but Rio texts Mai all the details Sakuta has told her. Mai soon faces Sakuta, and tells him he must come home by 6 for dinner. Mai approves his meeting with Shoko, as she was his mentor when Sakuta was struggling. Unexpectedly, Sakuta meets Kano, a childhood friend of Kaede during her middle school life. While Kano asks Sakuta to visit Kaede, he politely declines. After, Sakuta has dinner with Mai and Kaede, after seeing Kaede's year checklist. After, Kaede practices answering calls from the house phone, but soon collapses after a few tries. Kaede then sleeps, but Sakuta notices a huge bruise on Kaede. The next day, Kaede takes a new step in her life. She finally decides to go outside of the house, but she ends up going all the way to a beach for a picnic. There, she meets her old friend Kotomi Kano. It is at this moment that Sakuta reveals that Kaede has lost all her memories.



  • Shoko: "What I think, Sakuta-kun, is that life is here for us to become kinder. I live life every day hoping I was a slightly kinder person than I was the day before."




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