Life is a Never-Ending Dream
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Episode Information
Kanji 覚めない夢の続きを生きている
Rōmaji Samenai Yume no Tsuzuki o Ikiteiru
Release Date December 19, 2018
Director Kazuya Iwata
Music Guide
Opening Theme Kimi no Sei
Ending Theme Fukashigi no Karte
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Life is a Never-Ending Dream (覚めない夢の続きを生きている), Samenai Yume no Tsuzuki o Ikiteiru) is the twelfth episode of the Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai anime adaptation.


Kaede insists that she does not remember her childhood friend, Kotomi Kano, when the two run into each other at Shichirigahama. Concluding that Kaede has lost her memory, Sakuta decides to open up to Mai and Nodoka about what happened two years ago. Meanwhile, Kaede continues to practice going back to school after her encounter with Kotomi, but...[1]


The episode starts with a flashback. Kaede wakes up in her house, surprised. She asks Sakuta who he is, and where she is at. Then, Sakuta narrates his past, the troublesome life he had to go through. The stories flash back to where it first began, which is when Kaede started getting physical wounds from social media. It turns out that Kaede has lost all her memories and chose to abandon the part of her she has lived in to prevent herself to be "completely broken". Following this tragedy, Sakuta's mother was inflicted with mental illness from the trauma in the family. Sakuta too, gained physical damage from this event. The tree noticeable wounds on his chest were the reason he was tended in a hospital for so long. Sakuta often escaped the hospital, and that is when he met his mentor, Shoko. While everyone tells Kaede how the old Kaede used to live, no one told her that she was a person herself. Sakuta later buys a diary for Kaede to wrtie in, and while writing her name, Sakuta chooses a new type of way to write her name, as the old Kaede is different from the current one. This is the end of the flashback, and the story returns to the present, Sakuta talking to Mai and Nodoka. After, Sakuta walks to wake Kaede up, but notices a huge bruise on her back. Later that day, Kaede looks at an old book with a message written on a small piece of paper. After reading it, she collapses and is soon sent to a hospital. Sakuta later calls Mai to inform her about the situation. While he tells her everything is fine, he reminds her that Kaede might be regaining her old memories, which contains a chance of the current Kaede being erased. Kaede eavesdrops on this conversation and notices what might happen to her. Later, Sakuta asks Kaede what she really wants to do in her life. She responds to him that she wants to go to school. Sakuta later meets up with his father to arrange a potential enrollment of Kaede to a middle school. Later that day, Mai leaves for a photo shoot and a school counselor visits Kaede in her house. She comforts and informs Kaede that her uniqueness from everyone else is totally fine and normal and that she should not fear being different. After, Kaede finally goes to school. However, Sakuta notices the growing bruise on the side of Kaede's neck. Suddenly, Kaede brusts off from the building to the school. Sakuta catches Kaede, and tries to talk with her, but Kaede tells Sakuta " Kaede does not have the time to take it slow." Then, both Sakuta and Kaede runs off to school. Kaede, in panic and sadness, cries. Sakuta also realises the increasing bruise on the side of her neck, and tries to comfort her. Sakuta, inorder to both help and calm Kaede, takes her to the zoo. After a fun time, they also visit the school at night, trying to help Kaede's wish as much as he can. The next morning, Sakuta goes to wake Kaede up, However, everything seems changed....



  • Kaede: "Where is this place and who are you?"
  • Shoko: "Life is here for us to be kinder."




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