The Dawn After an Endless Night
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Kanji 明けない夜の夜明け
Release Date December 26, 2018
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Episode 12 N/A

The Dawn After an Endless Night (明けない夜の夜明け) is the thirteenth and final episode of the Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai anime adaptation.


After a successful visit to the school at night with Sakuta's help, Kaede feels a little more confident and is enthusiastic about going to school during the day next. However, the original Kaede's traumatic memories suddenly return the following day, eradicating all memories of the Kaede that had spent the last two years with Sakuta. As Sakuta is desolate and stricken with grief, a certain individual appears before him.[1]


After waking up Kaede, Sakuta comes in realization that the old Kaede has come back, and she has regained her memories. However, as memories are gained, memories are lost. The new Kaede has completely disappeared. Sakuta takes Kaede to a hospital, and the doctors all tell him and his father that she is fine. While Sakuta's dad is crying the tears of joy, Sakuta runs away from the hospital to the rain crying. He screams and cries and grieves about the loss of his sister. At that moment of sorrow and sadness, he starts bleeding from his wounds again. And when misery and pain come to haunt him, so does Shoko return to help Sakuta. He sees Shoko under an umbrella waiting for him. Shoko is later found in Sakuta's home, helping him out with his daily chores. While taking the bath, Shoko reads Kaede's diary, and Kaede wrote that she was so thankful to be Sakuta's sister, and that she did so many things before she changed. She wrote that she knew that Sakuta will grieve and regret, so she made a checklist for her and him. This makes Sakuta cry, but he tries not to. However, Shoko ensures that crying will be fine, because it will just show how much Sakuta loved his sister, and how much he cared for her. Later the next day, Shoko is gone and Sakuta returns normal. He calls Mai and tells her the situation, and tells her that he himself is fine. Mai then visits Sakuta, to see a note from Shoko. Mai gets midly upset from the note, and tells Sakuta about how she is going to end her relationship. After, Sakuta figures out that today is Mai's birthday. He quickly catches a bullet train, and immediately goes to Mai. He then finds her, and shares a coat with her on a mountaintop. He apologizes to Mai, and they rebuild their relationship. The scene closes out with Mai pinching the cheeks of Sakuta. After, Sakuta is seen packing his things up with Kaede. Sakuta, like always, asks her what she wants to do. Kaede replies, "I want to go to school".






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