The World Without You
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Episode Information
Kanji 君だけがいない世界
Rōmaji Kimi Dake ga Inai Sekai
Release Date October 17, 2018
Writer Masahiro Yokotani
Director Sōichi Masui
Music Guide
Opening Theme Kimi no Sei
Ending Theme Fukashigi no Karte
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The World Without You (君だけがいない世界, Kimi Dake ga Inai Sekai) is the third episode of the Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai anime adaptation.


Even after leaving Fujisawa for Ogaki, not one person remembered anything about Mai Sakurajima. Sakuta and Mai return to school together, but even there they hear from Sakuta's friend Rio Futaba that nobody at school outside of her has any recollection about Mai. At the same time, Sakuta hears of a theory that losing memories concerning Mai is based on a certain action taken, and struggles so that he doesn't lose his memories of her. And seeing Sakuta act as such, Mai makes a certain decision of her own as well.


Sakuta and Mai return to school from their trip in Ogaki, where they learn that nobody but Rio Futaba remembers who Mai is. Sakuta later realizes that sleeping is the catalyst of their memories of Mai being lost. Knowing this, Sakuta tries his best to stay awake at all costs, by making a journal, purchasing energy drinks, and blaming all his odd behavior on the upcoming exam. However, Mai was able to see through him and sneaks a sleeping pill in his drink. As expected, Sakuta loses his memory of Mai the next day and is unable to read her name. After continuing his regular lifestyle, he stumbles upon a question in his exam identical to the one Mai taught Sakuta, which enabled Sakuta to remember Mai's identity. Struck with grief and resentment for himself, he decides to force everyone in his high school with the memory of Mai Sakurajima. He goes outside and by screaming at the top of his lungs, confesses his love for Mai for everyone to hear. As he and Mai walk together to receive a lecture, Sakuta takes solace in the fact that the world will remember the identity of Mai Sakurajima.



  • Mai: "You really put in a great effort. You put in so much effort just for my sake."
  • Sakuta: "Something important came back to mind. The memories of someone I cherished have returned."
  • Sakuta: "From here on, I must face the atmosphere. The atmosphere that won't move, even if I push, pull or slap it around."
  • Sakuta: "You don't have to see what you don't want to. You don't have to think about what you don't want to. You can leave everything to someone else. But, there's no reason to torment someone just because everyone else is doing it."


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