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Adolescence Paradox
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Episode Information
Kanji 青春はパラドックス
Rōmaji Seishun wa Paradokkusu
Release Date November 14, 2018
Writer Masahiro Yokotani
Director Ryota Ono
Music Guide
Opening Theme Kimi no Sei
Ending Theme Fukashigi no Karte
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Adolescence Paradox (青春はパラドックス , Seishun wa Paradokkusu) is the seventh episode of the Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai anime adaptation.


It is August 2nd, the heat of summer. Sakuta wakes up in a usual day, thinking about what happened yesterday with Shoko. He visits the library to meet her, but a different style. She had her hair in a ponytail, and she wore contacts instead of glasses. Sakuta feels like something is off with Futaba. Today, there is a special firework "Hanabi" in Chigasaki. Rio heads to the school, while Sakuta goes to work. At there, Sakuta finds Kunimi and Tomoe at work. While at work, Sakuta finds Mai, who has finished her job early than usual. The couple walks towards home, to notice Rio walking to an internet cafe. They follow and call her, to see another Futaba without a cellphone. Sakuta then follows her, then talks to her about how there are two Rio Futabas in the world. Sakuta then decides to have Rio live with her at his house and Mai also decides to stay with Sakuta. Rio takes a bath first, and Sakuta promises he won't perform any indecent act with Futaba Broth Bathwater. Then, they talk about how the two Futaba would probably not co-exist in the world, but rather be teleported into another Futaba when the other is gone. In summary, there are two personalities of Futabas that switch around in the world. Rio tells Sakuta that she is scared of this phenomenon and that she does not know what to do. After they sleep, Mai lies down next to Sakuta, and talks about the plan to observe both Futabas at the same time. Then, they flirt each other by suggesting "what birds do with their beaks". The next day, Sakuta finds the other Futaba watching a practice basketball game which has Kunimi on the team. After, Sakuta is visited by Saki, in which she shows Sakuta pictures of thighs, slightly exposed breasts posted in a hidden social media account.