Wash It All Away on a Stormy Night
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Episode Information
Kanji 大雨の夜にすべてを流して
Rōmaji Ōame no Yoru ni Subete o Nagashite
Release Date November 21, 2018
Music Guide
Opening Theme Kimi no Sei
Ending Theme Fukashigi no Karte
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Wash It All Away on a Stormy Night (大雨の夜にすべてを流して , Ōame no Yoru ni Subete o Nagashite) is the eighth episode of the Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai anime adaptation.


Upon inducing a case of “Puberty Syndrome” where two copies of herself exists, Rio ends up staying at Sakuta's house for the time being. Meanwhile, "the other Rio" has been busy posting various unexpected photos on social media. After being informed about these activities by his classmate, Saki Kamisato, Sakuta decides to have a chat with “the other Rio.” As he learns more about each of the Rio-s in hopes of discovering the reason for “the other Rio’s” actions and possibly a cure for her “Puberty Syndrome,” Sakuta begins to realize the troubles each of them carry.


Sakuta learns that one Futaba wants to gain attention and enjoys a social life, the other Futaba is the part that forbids her from doing such things. Unexpectedly, the social Futaba is contacted by an anonymous person. He tells her that he and she will meet up, or else he will leak her secrets. Futaba in distress, she deletes her account. Still in fear, the social Futaba asks Sakuta to stay with her for a night. The next day, the two stay for the night again. Sakuta calls Kunimi, and decides to make him face Futaba. When Kunimi arrives, Sakuta hands them a bag of fireworks (Hanabi) and plays with them. The next day, Sakuta finds the other Futaba gone, prompting him to ride a bike to find her in the school. There, he finds Futaba talking about how the world can not have two Futabas, adding how envious she was after seeing a picture of the social Rio spending time with Yuuma and Sakuta on her phone. Sakuta later collapses from being in the rainstorm and is brought to a hospital. There, Sakuta tells Rio that she could also go to the fireworks, and Rio merges back into a single person after telling Yuuma that she would come. At the fireworks festival, Rio confesses her feelings to Yuuma, but stops him before he can reply. She then tells him to make things up with his girlfriend before continuing to watch the fireworks.




  • The scene where Mai and Sakuta share a goodbye kiss is omitted.


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