Mai's mother
Mai's mother Anime.png
Kana 麻衣の母
Rōmaji Mai no haha
Gender Female
Personal Status
Status Alive
Birthdate December 24th ( CAPRICORN ♑ )
Anime Episode 2
Japanese Seiyuu Airi Ootsu

Mai's mother (麻衣の母, Mai no haha) is a minor character Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai series. She is the mother of Mai Sakurajima.


Mai's mother is a beautiful woman with long dark gray hair and blue eyes. She usually wears a business suit, with earrings and necklace.


While she's very beautiful and appears to be very polite, in truth she's a selfish, amoral gold digger, who had no qualms betraying her daughter to make money. However, as amoral and materialistic as she is, and despite having betrayed her, she cried a lot when Mai died in the hospital after she sacrificed herself to save Sakuta and was hit by a car.


Although she helped manage her daughter's rise to fame, her desire to make money made her neglect Mai's own needs and desires. After forcing her to wear a swimsuit for her photo-shoot, her daughter went on hiatus as a way to get back at her.


Mai had emailed her mother to meet her on the beach. As Mai's mother came, she couldn't see the invisible Mai and went to Sakuta Azusagawa asking him if he was the one that called her there. Sakuta told her he was from the same school as Mai, but Mai's mother didn't remember having a daughter and denied it. He kept pressuring her on how could she forget, but in the end Mai's mother left, feeling it was a prank and not wanting to keep getting involved with it.

On December 24th, Mai's mother shows up at the hospital after learning her daughter was involved in a traffic accident. She becomes distraught after learning Mai had died, and cries out for Mai to be given back. This event, along with Mai's death, does not occur after Sakuta saves himself in the past.


Mai Sakurajima

Mai's mother was only concerned with using her daughter as a means to make money and did not care about Mai's personal interests and needs. This eventually caused her daughter to take a hiatus from acting and modelling after she forced Mai to wear a swimsuit during a photo shoot. While Mai was invisible to the majority of the public, she emailed her mother to meet her on the beach to continue show business, but her mother was unable to see or even remember her. After Mai's Adolescence Syndrome was resolved, there has been no further development between their relationship.

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